Nitiloop is dedicated to improving the life and wellbeing of men and women around the world who suffer from coronary heart disease and peripheral artery disease by developing cutting edge technologies that deliver superior care.

Nitiloop is an Israeli startup company established in 2012. The company was founded by Prof. Ran Kornowski, a renowned cardiologist, who developed a cutting-edge technology for chronic total occlusions (CTOs) recanalization. 

CTOs remain one of the greatest challenges facing interventional cardiologists. Successful CTO revascularization often requires highly skilled practitioners capable of implementing several treatment approaches. Current procedures are therefore lengthy, complex and costly.

Dr. Kornowski teamed up with Dvir Keren, a serial entrepreneur with a strong engineering background, and together they developed the NovaCross™, Nitiloop’s first product.  Today, the NovaCross™ has completed a pivotal study and received FDA and CE mark approval.


The company’s portfolio also includes the NovaCross™ Xtreme device for more challenging coronary procedures (FDA approved) and the NovaCross™ BTK for peripheral artery disease (CE approved).

Nitiloop’s groundbreaking technology uses an anchoring device, coupled with a microcatheter, which support the guidewire and significantly increase its capacity to cross the lesion.  The technology has been clinically proven to significantly improve CTO procedure results and safety, while helping novice and less experienced operators achieve superior outcomes.

Nitiloop’s advisory board includes opinion leaders from top medical centers around the world including Dr. William Nicholson from Well Span York Hospital in York, PA, USA; Dr. Dimitry Karmpaliotis from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, NY, USA; and Dr. Simon Walsh from Belfast Trust, Belfast, UK.


A scaffold for powerful distal support  coupled with an intra-lumen crossing microcatheter


For multiple indications, from coronary toperipheral. FDA and CE approvals


For multiple indications, from coronary to peripheral


As demonstrated in an international multi-center study of 186 patients


Increases treatment solutions for novice physicians  



Amir Pansky

Dr. Pansky has over 22 years of executive experience in medical device companies in various fields including imaging (GEHC), interventional radiology and others. He holds a PhD in Physics from Weizmann Institute in Israel.  

Itamar Haran
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Haran has over 15 years of experience in leading End2End operations of medical device companies from seed to market.


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Accelmed Ventures is an Israel based venture fund, focused on pre-commercialization and early revenue HealthTech opportunities.

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Access Medical Ventures is an investment firm  that focuses specifically on investing and advancing medical device start-ups.

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Arkin Holdings, managed by Nir Arkin, is the largest and leading Israel-based life sciences investor.

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Tal Capital is a US based Investment Company,  investing in hi-tech companies since 2016  in a variety of sectors, with a special focus on healthcare.

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